I know I have not added anything to this website in a very long time.  I didn’t post about Worldcon San Jose, which I enjoyed a lot despite hobbling around with a broken foot.  I didn’t write about my broken foot, which was attacked by a vicious piece of furniture.  I didn’t write about my furniture because–really–what can you say about an 1860 carpenter’s chest with a bad attitude?

But I will do better.  I will.  So here  is an upcoming event: I will be Guest of Honor, along with Alyssa Wong, at CapClave in Rockville, Maryland, September 28-30.  I am looking forward to this, since there will be old friends there and I like SF cons.  If you are there, please say hello.

And news: I have sold a middle-grade story to the 2019 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide.  This series (2019 will be the sixth volume) is anthologies of science fiction aimed at girls 8-12 years old, an underserved audience.  I have been in four of the previous volumes, all with stories featuring Nia, a ten-year-old who also has attitude.  Although she doesn’t attack people’s feet.

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