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If-Tomorrow-Comes-79x120If Tomorrow Comes: Book 2 in the Yesterday’s Kin Trilogy
Tor, 2018. This sequel to TOMORROW’S KIN takes a small group of Terrans to the alien planet World. The Terrans encounter shock after shock, from unexpected time dilation to a Russian ship that has also come to World, but with a much different agenda. Read more.   Purchase on Amazon

Tomorrows-Kin-79x120Tomorrow’s Kin: Book 1 in the Yesterday’s Kin Trilogy
Tor, 2017. Based on the Nebula-winning novella “Yesterday’s Kin,” Tomorrow’s Kin extends the story another ten years.  Aliens have come to Earth to warn Terra about a deadly, approaching spore clouds—but the aliens are not exactly what they seem. Read more.  Purchase on Amazon.

The Best of Nancy Kress BestOfNancyKress-80x120
Limited, signed edition from Subterranean Press, 2015. Twenty-one stories, written over forty years and representing the best of Nancy Kress’s fiction. Read more.  Purchase on Amazon


YesterdaysKin-317x500Yesterday’s Kin Winner of Nebula and Locus awards. “Science-fiction fans will luxuriate in the dystopian madness, while even nonfans will find an artful critique of humanity’s ability to cooperate in the face of a greater threat.” —Kirkus Reviews  Read more.  Purchase at Amazon



Fountain-of-Age-199x300Fountain of Age Nine new stories from a long-time star of the science fiction field including the Hugo Award winner “The Erdmann Nexus” and Nebula Award winner “The Fountain of Age.”  Read more. Purchase at Amazon



AftertheFallcover-313x500After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall Winner of the Nebula Award. In 2035, all that is left of humanity lives in the Shell. No one knows why aliens attacked in 2014, devastated the environment, and nearly destroyed humanity. Or why the aliens imprisoned twenty-six survivors in a sterile enclosure… Read more. Purchase at Amazon.



Flashpoint-333x500Flashpoint The Collapse has ransacked the economy, making work almost impossible to find and forcing Amy from college hopeful to sole provider for her terminally-ill grandmother and rebellious younger sister. To make ends meet, Amy auditions for a slot on a new reality TV …Read more.  Purchase at Amazon.



Bright-Terrible-Sword-317x500A Bright and Terrible Sword (Soulvine Moor Chronicles, Book 3) Roger Kilbourne has faced down Queens, barbarians, dangerous ghostly dogs and even armies. There is one challenge left: to stand against the mysterious Soulviners and their dangerous plans to dominate the Land of the Dead. . Read more.  Purchase at Amazon.



DarkMist-312x500Dark Mist Rising (Soulvine Moor Chronicles, Book 2) The dangerous life of Queen’s Fool is behind him, and Roger Kilbourne is living a life of his choosing. But the war is not over. The savage invaders are back. And they’re looking for the boy who killed their leader. Read morePurchase at Amazon.



Crossing-Over-335x500Crossing Over (Soulvine Moor Chronicles, Book 1) Roger Kilbourne has the ability to “cross over” into the land of the dead and speak with its residents. Soon he’s using his gift as a way to get the life he dreams of-even if it means bringing the dead back to the land of the living.  Read morePurchase at Amazon.



Steal-Across-the-Sky-197x300Steal Across the Sky The aliens appeared one day, built a base on the moon, and put an ad on the internet, requesting 21 volunteers to visit seven planets. This is the story of three of those volunteers, and what they found on Kular A and Kular B. Read more.  Purchase at Amazon.



Nano-Comes-to-Clifford-Falls-375x500Nano Comes to Clifford Falls and Other Stories Blending a focus on cutting-edge technology with deep emotional impacts, this enticing collection draws its stories from various Year’s Best and Reader’s Choice lists. Read more.  Purchase at Amazon.



Dogs-195x300Dogs In this original bio-thriller, the threat of terrorism and biological warfare is all too real when the danger comes from a family’s most cherished pets. Tessa Sanderson, ex-FBI agent, resolves to go deep undercover to expose a deadly conspiracy. Read more.  Purchase at Amazon.



Crucible-79x120Crucible In this sequel to Crossfire, humanity has cast their lots with the peaceful Vines in an all-out war against the technologically superior Furs. Our only hope? A virus designed by the Vines to remove all aggressiveness from the Furs. Can it spread fast enough to save not only the human colony, but the rest of humanity? And at what price to the Furs?  Read more.  Purchase at Amazon.



Characters-Emotion-and-Viewpoint-200x300Characters, Emotion, and Viewpoint How do you create a main character readers won’t forget? How do you write a book in multiple-third-person point of view without confusing your readers (or yourself)? How do you plant essential information about a character’s past into a story? This book answers those questions and more. Read more.  Purchase at Amazon.



Nothing-Human-78x120Nothing Human Told from the perspective of several generations of teenagers, this science fiction novel involves an Earth ravaged by mankind, high-tech manipulative aliens, and advanced genetics. Read more.  Purchase at Amazon.



Crossfire-73x120Crossfire A human colony settles on a distant planet, a colony formed by Jake Holman– a man trying to escape a dark past. But as this diverse group of thousands comes to terms with their new lives on a new world, they make a … Read more.  Purchase at Amazon.



Nebula-Awards-Showcase-2003-76x120Nebula Awards Showcase 2003 Here is the essential index of one year in SF and fantasy, full of winners and nominees of the prestigious Nebula Award. .Read more, Purchase at Amazon.



Probabilty-Space-78x120Probability Space In Probability Space, humanity’s war with the alien Fallers continues, and it is a war we are losing. Our implacable foes ignore all attempts at communication, and they take no prisoners. Our only hope lies with an unlikely coalition: Major Lyle Kaufman, retired … Read more. Purchase at Amazon,



Probability-Sun2-205x300Probability Sun A strange artifact has been discovered on a distant planet, an artifact that may be the key to humanity’s salvation. For we at war with the Fallers, an alien race bent on nothing short of genocide, and this is a war we are … Read more. Purchase at Amazon.



Probability-Moon2-297x475Probability Moon Humankind has expanded out into interstellar space using star gates-technological remnants left behind by an ancient, long-vanished race. But the technology comes with a price. Among the stars, humanity encountered the Fallers, a strange alien race bent on nothing short of genocide. It’s … Read more.  Purchase at Amazon.



Yanked-180x300Yanked It’s 2345. THE FUTURE NEEDS HEROES! They must reach back in time to find them. WHAT IF THEY COME FOR YOU? In 2345 there is no war, no pollution, no disease, no crime–but utopia has a price… Read more. Purchase at Amazon.



Dynamic-Characters-200x300Dynamic Characters A truly unforgettable story is defined by its characters. Their motivations, their changes, their actions compel us to read on, anxiously trying to discern what will happen next. In Dynamic Characters, award-winning author and Writer’s Digest columnist Nancy Kress explores the fundamental relationship between … Read more.  Purchase at Amazon.



Beaker_s-Dozen-79x120Beaker’s Dozen The twenty-first century, it’s often remarked, will transform our knowledge of biology, in the same way that the twentieth century transformed physics. With knowledge of course, comes application. And with the application of all we are learning about genetic engineering come social and … Read more. Purchase at Amazon.



Stinger-82x120Stinger FBI Agent Robert Cavanaugh has been transferred from the organized crime unit to the slow-paced field office for southern Maryland, where the biggest federal crime is the condition of the roads. But things take an unpleasant turn when a nurse at a local hospital … Read more. Purchase at Amazon.



Maximum-Light-80x120Maximum Light In Maximum Light, which takes place in the near future, synthetic chemicals are destroying the fertility of nearly every species on Earth, including humans. The birthrate has dropped so low that the human population consists primarily of people over the age of 50, …Read more. Purchase at Amazon.



Oaths-and-Miracles-74x120Oaths and Miracles Judy O’Brien Kozinski has no idea what she’ll find as she investigates the death of her husband. A genetic scientist, he was slain for his refusal to work for a biotech company of dubious intentions controlled by the mob. As she fights for … Read more. Purchase at Amazon.



Beggars-Ride-75x120Beggars Ride Developed out of her Hugo and Nebula Award-winning novella, “Beggars in Spain,” the trilogy was launched with Beggars in Spain (1993), also a Nebula nominee for best novel, and continued in Beggars and Choosers (1995). Both received widespread praise and unusual enthusiasm. Locus, … Read more. Purchase at Amazon.



Beggars-and-Choosers-72x120Beggars and Choosers In Beggars and Choosers, Kress returns to the same future world created in her earlier work, an America strangely altered by genetic modifications. Millions of ordinary people are supported by the efforts of the handsome and intellectually superior gene-modified, who are in turn … Read more. Purchase at Amazon.



Beggars-in-Spain-80x120Beggars In Spain Leisha Camden is genetically engineered to not need sleep. So are sixteen other children in the United States, and they are just the beginning.  Read more. Purchase at Amazon.



Beginnings-Middles-and-Ends-200x300Beginnings, Middles, and Ends Get your stories off to a roaring start.Keep them tight and crisp throughout.Conclude them with a wallop. Is the story or novel you’ve been carrying around in your head the same one you see on the page? Or does the dialogue suddenly sound flat …Read more. Purchase at Amazon.



The-Aliens-of-Earth-200x300The Aliens of Earth Powerful human emotions and the relationship between the inner self and outer world are the central concerns in a deeply moving story collection by the author of Beggars in Spain . Whether the tale concerns slips through time (“The Price of Oranges,” “The … Read more. Purchase at Amazon.



Brain-Rose-185x300Brain Rose A cynical lawyer suffering from multiple sclerosis, a young woman trying to escape the tragedies of her past, and a charming con man searching for easy money find their lives–past and present–inextricably linked through a radical medical procedure known as Previous Life Access … Read more. Purchase at Amazon.



An-Alien-Light-73x120An Alien Light A perennial chestnut on old SF television shows involved the handful of humans who, when locked up by aliens puzzling over our aggressiveness, followed their instincts and fought among themselves. That’s the kernel of this first SF novel from fantasy writer Kress, who …Read more.  Purchase at Amazon.


Trinity-And-Other-Stories-96x120Trinity and Other Stories “Explanations Inc.,” Kress’ wonderful reply to those who insist on ultimate rationality, is just one of the ideas presented in this gourmet delicacy of a book. The stories concern basic human perceptions and desires; their simple twists neatly reveal the confusion of the … Read more. Purchase at Amazon.



White-Pipes-205x300The White Pipes Fia, the Storygiver, had come to the backward kingdom of Veliano to practice her special art. In the mist that swirled between her hands, her mind formed tiny figures to act out simple folk tales for the entertainment of the lords and ladies. … Read more.  Purchase at Amazon.



Golden-Grove-75x120The Golden Grove A haunting green island. A stand of trees known as the Golden Grove. In the moonlit darkness, the webs gleam faintly, stirring in the warm night breeze. Arachne and the women sit at their looms around the Grove, weaving tapestries from the silk … Read more. Purchase at Amazon.



Prince-Of-Morning-Bells-88x120The Prince of Morning Bells Long out of print, this novel by one of the major voices in contemporary science fiction and fantasy will enthrall you, charm you, and make you care deeply about two of the most engaging characters you’re ever likely to meet between the two …Read more. Purchase at Amazon.