Tomorrow’s Kin

Tomorrows-Kin-329x499Based on the Nebula-winning novella “Yesterday’s Kin,” TOMORROW’S KIN extends the story another ten years.  Aliens have come to Earth to warn Terra about a deadly, approaching spore clouds—but the aliens are not exactly what they seem, and neither is the situation facing geneticist Marianne Jenner, her existentially lost son Noah, and the rest of the scientists hastily assembled to meet the threat.  When the truth is revealed, there is still the aftermath to deal with as nations and private enterprises compete to be the first to follow the aliens home.  Some want trade, some want knowledge, and some want revenge.

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“Science fiction doyenne Kress expands her 2014 Nebula Award–winning novella, Yesterday’s Kin, into this sharply observant family drama that, in the best traditions of SF, functions as entertainment, education, and social commentary…, Kress mixes contemporary issues of isolationism and refugee status with classic SF first-contact tropes, threaded neatly with solid scientific theory and speculation, but she always keeps Marianne and her family at the center of events without making the characters or their decisions too obvious or too noble.”
–Publisher’s Weekly

“A well-crafted novel that starts slowly but drags you in, a tale of science and scientists, trying to solve world-changing problems…. a read that echoes the best of the traditional scientific science fiction.  For all of the novel’s scientific rationale, it is noticeable that it is the people that gives this story a surprisingly emotional resonance. We are aware of the bigger proceedings which underlie the plot but often without detail. It reminded me of the style often used by Arthur C. Clarke.

“In short, Tomorrow’s Kin is a great alien-first-contact novel that has a pleasing amount of serious science to tell a surprisingly human story. Readers of Analog and Asimov’s Magazine will recognise its style and its quality.”
–SFF World