If Tomorrow Comes


The sequel to TOMORROW’S KIN, and the middle book of the trilogy, IF TOMORROW COMES takes a small group of Terrans to the alien planet World.  Geneticist Marianne Jenner hopes to be reunited with her son Noah, who left Earth on the alien ship ten years ago.  U.S. Army sniper Leo Brodie doesn’t know why he’s included with an elite Ranger unit, since he washed out of Ranger School.  Dr. Salah Bourgiba finds things on World to be much different than he expected.  And Isabel Rhinehart, who left Earth on the same ship as Noah, faces difficult decisions about not just her family but the disintegration of her entire society.

The Terrans encounter shock after shock, from unexpected time dilation to a Russian ship that has also come to World, but with a much different agenda.

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“Kress, known for taking on challenging topics, here tackles the notion of pacifists going to war, as those on Kindred gear up to fight for the survival of their peaceful civilization.”
–Publisher’s Weekly