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“Blessings” in THE END HAS COME

Nancy’s most recent short story is “Blessings” in John Joseph Adams’s THE END HAS COME (Broad Reach Publishing, 2015), the third volume of the Apocalypse Trilogy, in which writers portray the coming, arrival, and aftermath of their chosen apocalypses (the other two books are THE END IS NIGH and THE END IS NOW). Nancy’s apocalypse is an unexpected one.

New Short Stories to be Published

A number of new short stories will appear in the next few months –

“Cocoons” in Jonathan Strahan’s MEETING INFINITY (Solaris, 2015)

“Belief” in FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION, in the spring of 2016

“The Aliens and Me” in THE 2016 YOUNG EXPLORER’S ADVENTURE GUIDE (Dreaming Robot Press, 2016), a book of science fiction stories aimed at middle-grade girls (This one was tremendous fun to write!)

“Machine Learning,” a story written for Microsoft, in FUTURE VISIONS: STORIES INSPIRED BY SCIENCE (specifically, by science that Microsoft is researching). The limited-run print book will not be available to the public, but the eBook will be, as of November 17, 2015