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  • Characters, Emotion, and Viewpoint Characters, Emotion, and ViewpointHow do you create a main character readers won't forget? How do you write a book in multiple-third-person point of view without confusing your readers (or yourself)? How do you plant essential information about a character's past into a story? Write Great Fiction: Characters, ... Read more
  • Dynamic Characters Dynamic Characters A truly unforgettable story is defined by its characters. Their motivations, their changes, their actions compel us to read on, anxiously trying to discern what will happen next. In Dynamic Characters, award-winning author and Writer's Digest columnist Nancy Kress explores the fundamental relationship between ... Read more
  • Beginnings, Middles, and Ends Beginnings, Middles, and EndsGet your stories off to a roaring start.Keep them tight and crisp throughout.Conclude them with a wallop. Is the story or novel you've been carrying around in your head the same one you see on the page? Or does the dialogue suddenly sound flat ... Read more