• Brain Rose BrainRoseA cynical lawyer suffering from multiple sclerosis, a young woman trying to escape the tragedies of her past, and a charming con man searching for easy money find their lives--past and present--inextricably linked through a radical medical procedure known as Previous Life Access ... Read more
  • An Alien Light An Alien LightA perennial chestnut on old SF television shows involved the handful of humans who, when locked up by aliens puzzling over our aggressiveness, followed their instincts and fought among themselves. That's the kernel of this first SF novel from fantasy writer Kress, who ... Read more
  • Trinity and Other Stories Trinity and Other Stories"Explanations Inc.," Kress' wonderful reply to those who insist on ultimate rationality, is just one of the ideas presented in this gourmet delicacy of a book. The stories concern basic human perceptions and desires; their simple twists neatly reveal the confusion of the ... Read more
  • The White Pipes The White PipesFia, the Storygiver, had come to the backward kingdom of Veliano to practice her special art. In the mist that swirled between her hands, her mind formed tiny figures to act out simple folk tales for the entertainment of the lords and ladies. ... Read more
  • The Golden Grove 51j9vohch8LA haunting green island. A stand of trees known as the Golden Grove. In the moonlit darkness, the webs gleam faintly, stirring in the warm night breeze. Arachne and the women sit at their looms around the Grove, weaving tapestries from the silk ... Read more
  • The Prince of Morning Bells 51FQEZJGKBLLong out of print, this novel by one of the major voices in contemporary science fiction and fantasy will enthrall you, charm you, and make you care deeply about two of the most engaging characters you're ever likely to meet between the two ... Read more